Retread Equipment

Tire Buffer
Tread Builder
Electric Curing Chamber
Envelope Expander
Cement Churner & Cyclone Filter
Rail System / Monorail
Process Monorail
Inspection Spreader
Expandable Rims and Hub
Curing Rims & Bead Seal Plate
Rimming Station
Snap Seal
Tire Stand, Trolley and Skiving
Nail Hole Detector
Tread Preparation Table With Rotary Cutter

Retread Consumables

Curing Bag

Retreading Tools

Carbide Rasp
Hand Tools
Tire Repair Knives
Buffing Blades
Radial Repair Tools

Repair Equipment

Extruder gun
Tire Spotter

Tyre Repair & Service Tools

Truck Tyre Mount and Demount Tool
Impact Tyre Bead Breaker



Tyre Service Equipment

Nitrogen Generator & Inflator

  • Automobile Service Centres
  • Wheel Alignment Centres
  • Tyre Repair Shops
  • Car Dealerships
  • Fuel Station
  • Automobile parking lot
  • Tyre retreading plant
  • Automobile Manufacturing plants
  • Road Transport Corporations
  • Private truck, lorry and bus owners
  • Auto drain for filter
  • Vacuum mode for initial N2 filling in tyres
  • Flat tyre filling option
  • 2 LCD display for set and tyre pressure with automatic backlight on/off
  • Automatic tyre sensing
  • Touch keys
  • Sheet Metal Cabinet with powder coated finish
  • Flat tyre inflation
  • Dual power 230V AC/12V DC
  • Multiple mode(4 wheeler, LCV, HCV and MCV)
  • LED and LCD models available
  • Over Pressure Setting: This feature inflates the tyre past the required pressure which enables the bead of the new tyre to be seated on the wheel rim properly. Then the feature will deflate the tyre back to the required pressure.
  • N2 Generation Method: Pressure Swing Adsorption Method.
  • System Indications: Inflate, deflate, vacuum on, N2 on, Pressure achieved and error indications.
  • The system has automatic nitrogen generator and digital inflator for tyres
  • The system is completely automatic for A. Nitrogen generation B. Inflation Start/Stop C. Vacuum Start/Stop D. Tyre Inflation/Deflation E. Input Air Control F. Output air control G. Output Nitrogen Control.
  • Nitrogen Production starts only when the input pressure from the compressor is 5 bar and the nitrogen production stops when the N2 pressure reaches more than 10 bar. This feature saves air and electricity
  • External storage: can be provided based on the customer requirement at extra cost(220 litters - 1000 liters).
  • Working pressure: 10 Bar (Maximum 16 Bar)
  • Nitrogen purity: 95-99.9% Max
  • Flow rate: 140 LPM
  • Power input: 230VA +/- 20%
  • Power consumption: <90W
  • Compressed air input from compressor: 170 PSI (12 Kg/cm^2)
  • Maximum Nitrogen Pressure in Tank: 10 bar
  • Pressure Sensor: 227 PSI (16 kg/cm^2)
  • Vacuum Device: 1/8th HP
  • N2 Chemicals: Carbotech (German chemical)
  • Nitrogen gas remains stable at all temperatures
  • Reduced risk of pressure loss which eliminates the need to check the pressure frequently
  • Reduced wheel corrosion which saves the tyre and tube
  • Eliminates rust formation which saves the tyre, rim and discs
  • Increases the tread life
  • Reduces tread wear and increases tyre life
  • Reduces puncture risk
  • Proper inflated stable pressure in tyres improves the mileage in vehicles
  • Nitrogen is non inflammable which eliminates the risk of fire during accidents
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