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Retread Equipment

Tread Builder


Tread Builder

Tread Builder

Gemeni Machine Works Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of tread builder.

Technical Specification
 Tire Range  4.50 x 12" to 12 x 24"
 Tyre Drive  Dual Speed
 Stitching Pressure  Low= 2kg/cm^2, High= 4 kg/cm^2
 Power Supply  0.75 KW/440V 3 Ph 50 Hz (A.C Motor) OR 220V 1 Ph 50 Hz (D.C Motor) OR 380 V 3 Ph 50 Hz (A.C Motor)
 Tyre Lifting Type  Pneumatic
 Expandable Hub Rims  10 Segment Expandable hub rims with Hylam pad
 Pneumatic Cutter  Tread Width= 300mm, Thickness= 30mm
 Dimension  1100 x 1100 x 1800 mm


  • Tread Builder is designed for Stitching the cushion gum & building the precured tread with the help of pressure, stitching & support rollers.
  • Expandable hub with rims to ensure proper tire holding for various sizes of tires.
  • Thyristor controlled drive with foot switch for inching and rotating tire.
  • Pneumatic tread cutter to ensure proper splicing.


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